ARCHIVE > RECOLOGICA: A Nacireman Excavation | Recology Artist in Residence Program

Nomansay (Nacireman Diety with minor gods)
Synthetics and fan
11’ x 8’ x 5’
Nacirema Incognitum (Peale’s Mastadon)
Wood, plastic, and air
9’ x 15’ x 4’
Tsaeb Dneirf (Nacireman domicile)
Synthetic frame, shower curtain, lathe, fur, framed photo, and air.
Doesshitsticktoyourfur (Nacireman shrine charms)
Faux-fur, stand, and scales
35” x 10” x 10”
Shimmerysunset or Ibeweave (Nacireman aesthetic object)
Belts, Ikea shelves, and salvaged wood
51” x 22.5” x 2”
Tsefinam Ynitsed (The Golden Cactus)
Emergency blankets, suitcase, collapsible table, and air
7’ x 2.5’ x 2.5’
Nacireman Incognitum Tooth
Chalkboard scratched with a nail
22” x 32” x 2”
kcalb Sevil Rettam (Conflict among the Nacirema)
Found painting by Pierce- “Revelation 18-18” and pyrography on rocking chair foot
32” x 32” x 2”

Artist in Residence from February through May, 2015.
Opening reception, May 22, 24, & 26.

Recology Artist in Residency Program
For the Recology Residency, Arcega explores the cultural residue of the Nacirema people of North America. Applying strategies of the late anthropologist, Horace Miner, Arcega attempts to better understand these people’s lives and their daily practices.