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Valencia Street Posts (design image)
Valencia Street Posts (design image)

Valencia Street Posts consists of four poles with Victorian-inspired crowns that punctuate the various bulb-outs on Valencia Street in San Francisco, CA. Each 10 ft. post includes a highly ornamented crown constructed of steel with an automotive finish. The unadorned midsection is designed for community interaction. The public is invited to use the four sites as informal community bulletin boards for notices, events, ads, and the like. “Valencia Street Public Post” is engraved atop each individualized ornamental crown. The word post can mean a variety of things from pole, news, posting, “post” identity, and/or “post” modern-- all of which are correct. The Victorian signifier is meant to evoke the site’s history. Since most of the older buildings up to 20th Street were destroyed during fires in 1906, the area has transformed its appearance numerous times. The juxtaposition of a bulletin-street-pole with classic San Franciscan architecture embraces the past and present- leaving room for the future collaborations by the community.

A commission by the San Francisco Art Commission
Concept and design by Michael Arcega
Fabrication, and Installation by Gizmo Art Production
Engineering by YJ Inc.